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Welcome to our beautiful Osho Commune

A warm and loving home located in the heart of Amsterdam, close to many parks and canals. We are approximately 20-25 fun-loving people, all living in the same inspiring vision created by Osho.



“The commune has a future. A commune means many independent individuals, not belonging to each other in the old ways of family, tribe, religion, nation. Only in one way are they related to each other: that is they are all independent. They respect your independence and the same they expect from you: to respect their independence. That is the only relationship, the only friendship, the only thing that is a cementing force in a commune: that we respect each other’s individuality, independence. The other’s way of life, his style of life is absolutely accepted, respected. The only condition is that nobody is allowed to interfere with anybody else in any sense”.
    From Personality to Individuality

“In the commune, when you come across people just like you and you have to trust them, you have to love them, and you have to be in a surrendering attitude- not in a fighting mood, not competitive, but ready to merge with them- it is difficult. But you will have to take that challenge. Unless you take that challenge, you cannot come close to me. These people are devices; the commune is a device. These people are just as frail as you are, as weak, as angry, as jealous, as immediately annoyed, irritated about anything. It becomes difficult for you to be loving towards them. But that is the test. In spite of them, you have to grow your strength of love. You can love me because I don’t give you any trouble. But that does not show that your love is growing within you. Your love has to become stronger, your trust has to become stronger- even of those who are not trustworthy. It does not matter; they are not the consideration, YOU are. In spite of all their hindrances, obstacles, still remain loving. Unless you pass all these tests in the commune, you will never be able to love me. These are the steps that come to my temple.”
                                                         From Bondage to Freedom, #32

We offer a variety of daily Osho meditations including ‘Evening Meeting with the Master’ and regularly hold other Osho meditations.

We invite sanyassins and lovers of Osho to join us.